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Phone Book Publishers Sue Seattle Over Opt-Out Ordinance

When I first read about the city ordinance passed in Seattle last month, establishing a Yellow Pages opt-out registry for residents and requiring publishers to comply with it, my first thought was, "Brilliant!"

Know who disagrees? The Yellow Pages publishers. They've filed suit in federal court, claiming that the ordinance is unconstitutional. Their press release would impress the tea party. While the publishers claim to be in agreement with the concept of an opt-out system, they just kinda wanna run it themselves without government involvement. And avoid the "recovery fees" and "license fees" also imposed by the ordinance.

The publishers and their trade group have even created a website that will allow you to opt out online -- Or, rather, they will in 2011. For now what you get is the opportunity to enter your ZIP code, which brings up the name and phone number of the publishers in your area. Which you probably could have looked up in the Yellow Pages anyway.

Until this is all sorted out, if the Yellow Pages shows up at your door, you can always use it to line your worm bin. Whatever that means.

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Posted by Eric Lipman on November 16, 2010 at 10:41 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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