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'Hot Coffee' Case Documentary Chosen for Sundance Film Festival

It's not the O.J. Simpson case, but in terms of name recognition the "hot coffee case" certainly ranks right up there with the general public. Most adults have probably heard somewhere along the way that "a lady spilled McDonald's coffee on her own lap and then got millions of dollars from McDonald's in a lawsuit because the coffee was hot and burned her." Or words to that effect.

Now, as the New York Personal Injury Law Blog reports, the 18-year-old case has become the subject of a documentary (called "Hot Coffee") that was among 16 films out of 861 submissions selected to play at the Sundance Film Festival. As stated on the website for the film, the case's infamy continues on nearly two decades later:

Everyone knows the McDonald’s coffee case. It has been routinely cited as an example of how citizens have taken advantage of America’s legal system, but is that a fair rendition of the facts? Hot Coffee reveals what really happened to Stella Liebeck, the Albuquerque woman who spilled coffee on herself and sued McDonald’s, while exploring how and why the case garnered so much media attention, who funded the effort and to what end. After seeing this documentary film, you will decide who really profited from spilling hot coffee.

Check out the trailer for the "Hot Coffee" movie here. Looks interesting:

Posted by Bruce Carton on December 3, 2010 at 11:11 AM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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