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Joe Jackson Tries Again With Wrongful Death Suit Against MJ Doctors

Joe Jackson, the King of Pop's pops, has, according to the Hollywood Reporter (and a grillion other news outlets), filed yet another wrongful death suit against Dr. Conrad Murray, seeking to hold him liable for Michael Jackson's death.

Jackson had initially filed suit in federal court in June, but earlier this month, Judge John F. Walter of the Central District of California convinced Jackson that his claim under the Americans with Disabilities Act -- the only claim premised on federal law -- was weak. So Jackson's attorney, Brian Oxman, agreed to dismiss the case and refile in California Superior Court. And that's just what he did yesterday.

The new twist in this filing is that the suit names not only Murray and his clinics, but also the Las Vegas pharmacy that sold the infamous propofol to Murray. One plus to this change of venue (yes, I'm using the term colloquially; no hate mail from CivPro purists, please): the potential for cameras in the courtroom!

Posted by Eric Lipman on December 1, 2010 at 10:59 AM | Permalink | Comments (3)


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