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Legal Blog Watch: The Official Legal News Source of Dorman & Howie, P.C.

Legal Blog Watch is, essentially, a legal blog that picks up on and disseminates interesting happenings and trends being reported on by other legal blogs and/or news outlets. We like to think we're providing a valuable service to our readers. And, of course, we're interested in what people think about our little corner of the blawgosphere. 

For instance, it's nice to see that, according to Avvo, we're currently the 17th most popular legal blog around. (Damn you, Mortgage Fraud Blog!) And, as Bruce noted, we're crossing our fingers for an amazing come-from-behind victory in the News category of the ABA Journal Blawg 100.

Sometimes, though, we want to see who's commenting on, linking to, or appropriating our work, and good old reliable Google is the way to go. Yes, I sometimes Google around to see who's talking about me and Bruce. And that is precisely how I discovered that there is a two-attorney firm in King, N.C., that loves LBW so much that it has adopted our RSS feed as its official source of what it calls "Interesting Legal News."

If you click on any of the links to sections of the Dorman & Howie website (other than the firm's home page), running down the right side of the page is a big old list of all of our recent posts, with links. Try it -- click on "About Us" or "Attorneys" and there's the LBW feed. Nothing else, just us. Click up top, on the "Interesting Legal News" header, and it takes you right to the LBW home page

Dorman & Howie has only been around for a couple of months, as the firm's "News" page will tell you. To Messrs. Dorman and Howie, I say, on behalf of LBW: Best of luck. We'd be sure to send a couple of Legal Blog Watch t-shirts your way, if such things existed.


Posted by Eric Lipman on December 15, 2010 at 12:17 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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