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To: Squeaky From: Charlie 'How U Doin? Prison Food Still Sux LOL ;<)'

I know, I know. It's almost 2011, and everybody has a cell phone. It's not like it was in the bag phone days, when having a cellular was an indication that you were somebody important. Or at least thought you were. Today, your average cab driver, fifth-grader, and grandma are all in a perennial state of "reachableness."

Which is why I wasn't surprised to read on Findlaw's Blotter blog that none other than Charles Manson was found to be in possession of a cell phone in his California jail cell. Not only was he using it to make calls, though, but he was texting. That's pretty impressive for a guy who's been in prison since before anyone knew what a microprocessor was. Hell, I am, at best, a marginally competent texter.

The L.A. Times has more details in its story published Friday, including some of the locations of Charlie's texting buddies. I'm hoping someone will get the phone records through a Public Records Act request and discover that the texts to New Jersey somehow involved Snooki.

Both the article and the blog post note that possession of a cell phone by an inmate is not a crime in California, as it is in the federal system now that the President has signed the Cell Phone Contraband Act of 2010. Thus, all they did to Charlie was to tack 30 days onto his (life) sentence and "counsel and reprimand" him. Ah, to be a fly on the wall in that session ...


Posted by Eric Lipman on December 8, 2010 at 11:19 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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