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'U.S. News' Caves to Law School Transparency Pressure


It's no "Ford to City: Drop Dead," but that up there is a headline I never thought I'd be writing.

Somebody should buy the founders of Law School Transparency a drink today, because, as reported in the National Law Journal (and, unsurprisingly, as noted in an LST blog post), U.S. News and World Report, overlords of the law school rankings, have decided to provide more detailed information about graduate employment in the next version of the rankings, and to retroactively update the current version.

While the magazine (or, pardon me, website) will not change the methodology for ranking schools, it has committed to offering information beyond the "overall percentage of graduates employed" numbers, which the scambloggers (and others) have argued are, at best, subject to manipulation.

U.S. News director of data and research Robert Morse explicitly cited LST's crusade as one of the factors that influenced the decision to expand the available data. LST's changes are described in detail in its post from Friday, and they've pasted the email from Morse in which he confirms that the website "will add all the new fields that you suggest to current data for 2008 graduates and those new fields will show up when the redesign goes live in late Winter 2011."

While this move likely won't entirely placate the most vocal critics of law schools, more information is always better than less. Kudos, LST.

Posted by Eric Lipman on December 14, 2010 at 10:55 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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