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A Different Kind of Legal Exposure

Ohio lawyer Thomas Walkley has been charged with public indecency after allegedly exposing himself to two 19-year-old men, who, after being arrested for underage drinking, were due to perform community service at a cafe that Walkley founded, which advertises itself as a "Christian outreach center for at-risk teens."

After the encounter with the young men, Walkley claimed he had dropped his pants as part of a mentoring program that he developed to assist "at-risk boys" and that the act had an educational, not sexual, purpose.

This explanation leads one to wonder just what the educational purpose was: a long-overdue birds-and-the-bees talk? An anatomy lesson?

Further, Walkley allegedly admitted to his action, claiming his behavior was permissible because everyone present was over age 18 and because "radical times call for radical measures."

The last time I checked, indecent exposure didn't have any age restrictions.

Guest blogger Ruth Carter is a law student in her final semester at Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.

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