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Don't Drunkenly Invoke Firm Name in a Public Setting on New Year's Eve

It's obviously a holiday tradition to partake in New Year's Eve imbibing. But associates from Alston and Bird's Charlotte, N.C., office may have taken the festivities a little too far. While many of us may have embarassing situations captured for posterity, few face the misfortune of Above the Law's additional (and very public) scrutiny.

ATL writes this about the reveler in question, who was celebrating a little too aggressively, according to the manager at the Dandelion Market:

When they got up to leave, the woman came over to me at the bar and placed a card down, identifying her as an associate with Alston & Bird. She slurred on about how much money the firm spent at our restaurant, and how she and her friend weren’t going to be treated that way.

There is a clear lesson here -- one that may never be learned, it seems. In this day and age, when employers and the blawgosphere are on the constant lookout for potential sources of scandal and mayhem, it is probably best to avoid causing a scene (like at all, ever) -- especially while invoking your firm's name. Otherwise, you might end up making an appearance on Above the Law (or Legal Blog Watch).

Brendan McKenna is's news editor.

Posted by Product Team on January 4, 2011 at 01:27 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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