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Who Will Be Above the Law's Lawyer of 2010?

Above the Law has opened up voting for the ATL Lawyer of the Year (2010) after receiving nominations from readers. The site has narrowed down the list of potential winners to 10 (nine nominees, one joint). The list ranges from lawyers to a (former) judge to political figures.

Here is the list, although I might have to beg to differ about one of the nominees, if only because Mother Nature put a chink in his armor:

  • David Boies was nominated for his work "advancing LGBT rights and marriage equality, through litigating Perry v. Schwarzenegger" and the strong bonuses his firm offered in 2010.
  • Jack Camp, the former judge for the Northern District of Georgia, who was in the news for all of the wrong reasons.
  • Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, was nominated for "favorable reviews" in his state, but alas, is now on the wrong end of criticism over failed snow removal during a recent blizzard.
  • Elena Kagan, new associate justice for you know where.
  • Patrick Lynch and Kyle McEntee, of Vanderbilt Law, founded Law School Transparency, to keep law school employment data honest.
  • Ted Olson advocated for marriage equality in California alongside David Boies.
  • Steve Pesner, for his "e-mail about the importance of entering time in a timely fashion."
  • Irving Picard was nominated for his efforts to fix the Bernie Madoff mess.
  • Finally, Andrew Shirvell, the now former Michigan assistant attorney general, was obsessed in 2010 with the anti-gay agenda, and specifically Chris Armstrong, the openly gay University of Michigan student body president.

There you have it, ATL's nominees for 2010. I, for one, would lean toward Patrick Lynch and Kyle McEntee; I am a big fan of transparency in any form, and the results of their efforts are laudable. So who do you think is the strongest of these nominees -- or who do you think is missing from this list? Voting runs until Monday, Jan. 10.

Brendan McKenna is's news editor.

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