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Legal Commentators Speak Out on Justice Thomas' Silence

In the wake of a New York Times article pointing out that five years have elapsed since the last time Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spoke at a high court oral argument, legal observers have been weighing in on the significance of this lengthy silence.

Adam Chandler at SCOTUSblog presents a good roundup of links to commentaries on the latest controversies surrounding Justice Thomas.

Also, the Times is following up on its Feb. 12 article with the latest in its "Room for Debate" discussions, this one on whether a Supreme Court justice can effectively perform his duties without participating in oral argument.

Participants in the discussion include Volokh Conspiracy contributor Orin Kerr, Columbia law professor Jamal Greene and political scientist Timothy R. Johnson.

And for additional analysis of Justice Thomas and his silence at oral arguments, be sure to check out an excellent piece from last year by The National Law Journal's Tony Mauro: Does Thomas' silence thwart advocacy?

Written by managing editor Paula Martersteck.

Posted by Product Team on February 17, 2011 at 03:57 PM | Permalink | Comments (5)


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