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New 'Expo' Provides Resources for the Newly and Soon-to-Be Divorced

Via the idealawg blog I learned about an interesting event coming up this May in Colorado called The Next Chapter Expo: Solutions for Divorce. As further discussed in the Denver Post, the Expo is essentially a big conference geared toward people who are newly (or about-to-be) divorced. For $10, people who find themselves in this boat can gather at the Expo and take advantage of a broad range of resources designed to help them in a difficult time. These include "financial planners, movers, storage facilities, shrinks, dating services, cosmetic surgeons, gyms -- everything a divorced person needs," the Post reports.

The TNCE website promises that attendees will have access to resources concerning

    *   Divorce Counseling
    *   Legal Guidance
    *   Grief Management
    *   Life Management Plan
    *   Financial Recovery Plan
    *   Support Groups

In an interview with Tom Kaufman, the person behind the Expo, Kaufman explained that he observed that nobody had really

put together a venue of businesses and professionals for this niche market. The Expo is a really tangible forum for businesses to reach out and touch this economic hub in a very real way. This will be the first live event where small businesses or solo practitioners with modest marketing budgets can deliver their services to this unique market sector; these businesses offering services to newly, or about-to-be, divorced really haven't had a real cohesive venue to showcase their services.

The May event will be the first such Expo to be held, and will be a one-day event held at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum over in Lowry.In short, it seems like a great idea, although I confess that it is making me wonder whether any ne'er–do–wells will pay the $10 with a "Wedding Crashers" angle in mind, i.e., using the Expo as a pick-up joint.

Posted by Bruce Carton on February 9, 2011 at 12:15 AM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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