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NYU Professor Gives New Meaning to Phrase 'Removing Posts'

Usually when I write about people "removing posts," I'm referring to people unpublishing blog posts they've thought better of for one reason or another. But that's not the case when referring to NYU professor Wafaa Bilal, who last year implanted in the back of his head a camera that takes photos every 60 seconds for an art project. After this action caused a bit of a dust-up over his students' privacy rights, Bilal agreed to wear a lens cap on the camera when he is on campus.

Bilal In Bilal's case, "removing posts" actually refers to the surgical removal last week of one of the three posts resting on a titanium base implanted on Bilal’s skull to hold the camera. It turns out that Bilal's skull does not completely agree with this art project and has rejected one of the posts. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, that post was removed, leaving two posts intact, but the loss of Post 3 has Bilal scrambling to find a new way to mount the camera to his skull. For now, he has reportedly resorted to tying the camera to the back of his neck.

Why not simply continue wearing the camera? Bilal told the Chronicle, "It’s a performance. With the performance comes endurance. But also it’s a commitment. And I didn’t feel that strapping something around my neck would be the same way I’m committed to the project as mounting it to the top of my head.”

Posted by Bruce Carton on February 11, 2011 at 01:44 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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