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British Authorities Give Cold Shoulder to Breast-Milk Ice Cream

I have a pretty bad memory for events that occurred years ago. One memory that has proven to be indelible, however, came many years ago when one of my college friends who had recently given birth confessed that the brownies she served at a get-together (that I happily did not attend) were made with her breast milk because she had run out of cow milk. By the way, she served these brownies with no disclosure (before or after) of this material departure from the standard recipe.

I had a flashback to the brownie incident when I read that government officials in London swooped in on a local ice cream shop over the weekend to confiscate a line of ice cream called "Baby Gaga" that is made with human breast milk. It seems that some Londoners question "whether a shop should be selling edibles made from other people's bodily fluids." 

According to the Associated Press (via Consumerist), the Icecreamists, the parlor marketing the dessert, claims that the breast milk used "was screened in line with blood donor requirements before being pasteurized and churned together with vanilla pods and lemon zest." It also states that Baby Gaga meets the "highest and safest" of food standards, and that there is no law prohibiting such a product. Most surprisingly, the Icecreamists say that Baby Gaga has had a "huge response" and promptly sold out upon its launch on Friday.

I can say with confidence that I will not be among those in line for a dish of Baby Gaga, but at least there is disclosure in this case about the source of the milk! What do you think: Should the London authorities have confiscated the supply of Baby Gaga or not?

Posted by Bruce Carton on March 4, 2011 at 06:58 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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