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Heresy!!! Lawyer Questions the Value of an iPad in Legal Practice

Over at his Spam Notes blog, Venkat Balasubramani has a question for all of you over-enthusiastic "iPad Lawyers" out there: What are you smoking?

In a lengthy, wet-blanket post guaranteed to draw the ire of any lawyers who camped out in the rain to get the iPad and iPad2, Balasubramani writes that his own efforts at being an iPad Lawyer have led him to the "jarring realization" that the iPad simply cannot function as a workhorse for business purposes. Why? Let him count the ways:

1. Too clunky: Balasubramani tried to crank out a simple blog post on the iPad and found it to be "easily one of the clunkiest experiences of my entire life." He says that producing any sort of written material on the iPad is a chore because one must hen-peck through the iPad's keyboard.

2. Reviewing redline documents: Redlines? What redlines? The redlines did not show up on Balasubramani's document -- maybe there's an "app for that," he speculates.

3. Easier to use a laptop: After reading various iPad Lawyers' stories of loading up numerous "apps" in order to perform basic business functions on their iPad, Balasubramani wonders ... why?? What's the benefit, he asks, of "using the iPad and jumping through all these hoops to complete tasks which would be otherwise simple on the laptop? Does the one extra minute it takes you to boot up your laptop totally undermine your work experience?" Balasubramani concludes that as far as he can tell, iPad Lawyers are trying a bit too hard to convince the unconverted that productivity will flow from their iPad.

Balasubramani asks some other questions that will probably get him banned from all Apple stores, such as whether the modern lawyer really needs to work "on the go" as much as iPad Lawyers suggest. Read the full post here.

Posted by Bruce Carton on April 14, 2011 at 03:19 PM | Permalink | Comments (8)


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