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Punk Band Wins Legal Skirmish, Lambastes Plaintiff and Opposing Counsel in Animated Video

In the year 2011, one of the new things lawyers apparently need to worry about is that the opposing party will create an animated video celebrating a legal victory and mercilessly mocking the losing lawyers. Fulbright & Jaworski finds itself as the "mockee" in such a video (below) following a judge's ruling against its client (the publication Variety) in a motion to transfer the case from Delaware to California.

As discussed on the Hollywood, Esq. blog, Variety sued a punk band called The Vandals because the band allegedly used a font on its album cover that was similar to the trademarked Variety logo. To make a long story about a magazine suing a band over a font short, the band's bassist also happens to be a lawyer and he defended the band in court -- and actually won on the band's motion to transfer the case to California.

Now the bassist, Joe Escalante, is trumpeting his initial victory on the band's website, calling Variety's lawyers "corrupt" and stating that

The Plaintiffs should all be ashamed and it is the Vandals opinion that they are liable for malpractice damages by ruining their client’s reputation in a frivolous attempt to act like Godzilla when it comes to hoarding their precious font and inhibiting protected free speech.

As an additional kick in the head, The Vandals published one of those do-it-yourself Xtranormal videos that depicts an imaginary conversation between Variety's former editor Peter Bart  and his Fulbright & Jaworski lawyer. Check out the video below.


Posted by Bruce Carton on April 18, 2011 at 03:08 PM | Permalink | Comments (4)


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