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The D&O Diary's Kevin LaCroix Reflects on Five Years of Blogging

Last week, Kevin LaCroix offered A Blogger's Reflections on the fifth anniversary of his stellar blog, The D&O Diary. Kevin is an attorney and an executive with OakBridge Insurance Services, and his blog focuses on directors’ and officers’ liability insurance issues.

Regardless of whether you follow D&O insurance law, anyone who writes a law blog or is even considering writing one can benefit from Kevin's thoughts as he completes five years at The D&O Diary. Here are some of Kevin's observations:

  • As he has gradually acquired a large and loyal readership, these readers have become an important source of case decisions, pleadings, news articles, books, academic articles, questions, comments and queries for his blog. Kevin believes he now gets his best material from readers.
  • No one, he says, gets more out of the blog than he does. Maintaining it ensures that he stays up to speed on the latest developments in his field. More importantly, he says, the blog has allowed him "to form innumerable connections around the world. ... I have regular communications with a large number of lawyers, academics, journalists, financial analysts and regulators. I have also formed fast friendships with many of my fellow bloggers, all of whom have been supportive and helpful over the years."
  • One "recurring delight" resulting from the blog is when Kevin hears from completely unexpected sources -- strangers in Time Square or in airports who recognize him from his photo, or random guys at his golf club -- who tell him that they are readers of his blog.
  • Finally, and most importantly, Kevin says, he simply enjoys writing the blog. It is like having his "own personal Fourth Plinth," he says, where his imagination is the only limitation.

Kevin points out that blogging does come with a price. For one thing, posting the content is a lengthy process that can take "hours and hours and hours." In addition, he shares that

blog topics are not self-revealing. Occasionally, somebody has sent me something that obviously needs to go up right away. But the rest of the time, blog topics have to be hunted down in the endless ocean of information and conversation that surrounds us all. The search for blogworthy topics is never-ending – the worst part about adding a new post is that at the moment of publication the pressure to find another topic starts all over again.

In addition, Kevin points out something that most bloggers who have been at it for a while will be able to relate to -- sometimes the "demons of technology" rise up inexplicably and do dastardly things like wipe out every one of the thousands of links on your blog.

Read all of Kevin's excellent thoughts and reflections on his five years of blogging here.

Posted by Bruce Carton on May 12, 2011 at 05:00 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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