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Farewell to the 'Bad Lawyer' Blog

The anonymous author of Bad Lawyer launched that blog in August of 2009, just about the same time that I started writing here at Legal Blog Watch. I quickly added Bad Lawyer to my list of blogs that I followed because: (a) BL had a great eye for finding many of the twisted developments that occur everyday in the legal world; and (b) BL offered his own honest opinions on these various developments.

In a post last week, however, BL wrote that he is shutting down the blog. BL first started writing the blog, he says, as a way to cope with certain disciplinary proceedings he was subject to, including a prosecution on charges of attempted tax evasion. He started writing because he was suffering from depression and panic attacks and was unable to sleep, and the blog posts were a form of "self-pitying" and "rationalization:"

You should never doubt that the stories I posted about "bad" lawyers, judges, doctors, drivers, parents, idiots, and morons--these stories, were always about ME. Likewise, I posted the occasional story about admirable persons in and out of the law, these were stories also about me, as well. Or rather, I should say the stories were about--who I aspire to be by the grace of God. 

Now, however, BL explains that he has other projects he wants to pursue and, having completed his prison sentence, a life to live with his family.  He is therefore "letting go of the 'past' absolutely."

Bad Lawyer has been a consistent source of interesting and outrageous legal news for LBW and for the blogosphere over the past two years. Thank you, BL, for your work on the Bad Lawyer blog over these years and best of luck to you as you move on.

Posted by Bruce Carton on July 25, 2011 at 04:22 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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