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Redneck Olympics Vows to Keep 'Olympics' in Name Despite Threats by U.S.O.C.

Before we get all into the legal-ish stuff here, let me just tell you that there is such a thing out there --at least for now -- called the "Redneck Olympics." Indeed, this past weekend, while all you lawyers were busy asking the chap in the Rolls Royce next to you if he had any Grey Poupon, the rednecks of this country who had the capacity to get themselves to Hebron, Maine, were holding the first-ever Redneck Games.

The Redneck Games were held on a 210-acre working cattle farm. According to the event's website (and I am hereby creating and invoking a new grammatical device called the "collective 'sic'" for the paragraph below), the Redneck Games featured events such as

bobbing for pigs feet, toilet seat horse shoes, a old fasion pie eating contest , wife carring contest ,the mud flop contest  and many more (redneck contestants needed ) there will also be lawn mower races ,a wet t shirt contest (930pm saturday $400 in cash prizes must be 18)  mud runs (bring your truck run for free)6 Live bands (rock a little country and even some blue grass).  saturday at from 4 to7 there will the best dam all you can eat pig roast ( only $9 for adults and $4 for kids under 12 . kids under 5 eat for free ) There will be horse drawn wagon rides . At night we wil light our 20 foot bond fire and yes the marshmellows are free.

For the record, motorcycles were welcome at the Games but for some reason redneck dogs were not welcome.

Anyway, moving on. The organizer of the Redneck Games, Harold Brooks, says he is now facing a legal challenge from the United States Olympic Committee. According to the Sun Journal, the USOC has advised Brooks that the event must change its name and not use the word "Olympics" or the USOC will file a lawsuit.

Brooks responds that he is not basing the name on the USOC's Olympics, but rather on the original Olympics in Greece. As Jonathan Turley notes on his blog, the word "Olympic" and the original ancient sporting event in Greece preceded both the United States and copyright/trademark laws. In addition, Brooks adds that no one would ever confuse the two events and he isn't changing the name. “I'm going to refuse to not use that word,” he said.

Your move, USOC!

Posted by Bruce Carton on August 10, 2011 at 02:33 PM | Permalink | Comments (5)


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