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Tuesday's Three Burning Legal Questions

Here are today's three burning legal questions, along with the answers provided by the blogosphere.

1) Question: I was thrilled to read your Q&A about Rome police performing an undercover sting on the "Mean Gladiators" who get paid to be in tourists' photos outside the Colosseum in Rome, and who try to intimidate and even beat up others who want to be gladiators. I am trying to be a doughnut vendor on Paliouri beach in Greece but there are three Mean Doughnut Vendors there who are using violence to keep other doughnut vendors off of their turf. Any chance the Greek police will perform a similar undercover sting in the beach doughnut industry?

Answer: Help is on the way. (The Associated Press, Greek Police Smash Violent Doughnut Ring)

Campbelltomato-Small 2) Question: Quick question: If Campbell's Tomato Soup has 480 grams of sodium, how many grams of sodium does Campbell's Tomato Soup 25% Less Sodium contain?

Answer: This is Legal Blog Watch. We don't do math. But this trick question does not require math because if you look at the tiny fine print below the "25% less sodium" it reads "than regular condensed soup." So the answer is ... the same 480 grams. (Consumerist, Campbell's Settles Lawsuit Over "25% Less Sodium" Soup Label)

3) Question: I sometimes keep my money in my underwear -- don't judge. Can this convenience store really turn down my legal tender just because it has some admittedly nasty sweat on it?

Answer: Looks like yes. (Tosh.0 blog, ATTENTION)

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