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Atlanta Lawyer Rolls Out '' Ad Campaign

Lawyer advertising is everywhere, to the point that is often just unnoticed noise (e.g., images of people in suits, gavels and scales of justice) thrown onto a billboard or the back of a phone book. How can a lawyer stand out in a sea of competitors while still remaining G-rated (unlike this risque divorce lawyer ad, for example) and not offending people and otherwise making themselves the butt of jokes forevermore?

Via The Matte Pad, I learned of a memorable ad campaign that Chandler Mason, an Atlanta lawyer, is running for his law practice. You can just call Mason the "Bald Lawyer." Tom Matte of The Matte Pad says he was driving on the interstate when he came upon the following billboard that made him "nearly drive off the road."


Matte, who runs a legal marketing company, was so impressed by the idea that he called the Bald Lawyer to learn more about how the campaign came to be. Mason told Matte that he and his wife/law partner Louise believed that most laypersons consider lawyers to be "too uptight" and he wanted to dispel that notion. Mason also wanted to find a way to brand his firm in a crowded field. Mason says that he believes the creation of "" a few weeks ago has accomplished both goals and that the campaign has already generated a lot of interest.

Matte concludes that while Mason's ad may be a bit "cheesy," he still thinks the billboard is funny and memorable and makes Mason seem approachable. I agree on all of those points, although I'm not sure I'd personally want to be known as "Bald Lawyer" for the next several decades.

What do you think? Good ad or bad ad?

Posted by Bruce Carton on October 5, 2011 at 02:09 PM | Permalink | Comments (12)


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