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Trust Me, I'm an Expert: Pimping

As I have begun to chronicle in my ongoing "Trust Me, I'm an Expert" series of posts, courts have not hesitated to deem people experts in fields such as "smell" and "lap dancing." On the other hand, at least one court has declined to name someone an expert in the field of "shit." Today I have discovered one more area of expertise where the courts just don't want to go: Pimping.

In Brooklyn Supreme Court, Anthony McCord is presently defending himself on charges of rape and robbery. The New York Daily News reports that prosecutors allege that the victim was a prostitute who worked for McCord, and that the incident occurred after she "freelanced," i.e., sold sex without giving him any of the money.

McCord, however, believes the jury needs to better understand the pimp-prostitute relationship. According to The New York PostMcCord says the March 2010 beating was "part of the pimp-prostitute relationship and the sex was consensual." And McCord thinks that he is just the man to explain this dynamic to the jury, since he considers himself an expert in the field of pimping for several reasons:

  • He has been a pimp since 2000;
  • He has read "pretty much read every book, saw every movie and heard every song relating to the subject matter;”
  • He has attended two national conferences on the trade and is also a "member of a quiet society of pimps.”

Despite these credentials, Justice Wayne Ozzi ruled on Monday that he would not permit McCord to serve as an expert "pimp" witness. The judge stated that such testimony would debase the process and possibly confuse the jury, the Daily News reports.

Posted by Bruce Carton on November 23, 2011 at 03:19 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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