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Wednesday's Three Burning Legal Questions

Here are today's three burning legal questions, along with the answers provided by the blogosphere.

1) Question: I have been charged by the police with something called "DUI-super extreme." What is that?

Answer: "DUI-super extreme" is the charge when a person does all of the following: hits "numerous curbs" and drives on the sidewalk; says "I don't have to walk f*cking anywhere" when approached by a cop; shoves an officer after declining to take field sobriety tests; scuffles with a cop and gets taken to the ground; knees a second officer in the crotch while being handcuffed; repeatedly curses at police; kicks the inside of a squad car; has a blood alcohol content nearly three times the legal limit; and poses for a mug shot like this:

(The Smoking Gun, After Kneeing Cop In Groin, Arizona Drunk Driver Poses For Beatific Booking Pic)

2) Question: I just spent three days in jail because Australian police at Darwin Airport said I had 1.6 kg of liquid ecstasy in my shampoo bottle. In fact, they now admit that there was nothing in the bottles but Pantene shampoo and have dropped all charges!! Can I get anything for going through this nightmare?

Answer: $100,000 and an apology. (, Neil Parry given $100,000 after Pantene shampoo and conditioner mistaken for liquid ecstasy) (via Legal Juice)

3) Question: As of this week I have been writing my law blog for nine years! How long is that in "blog years?" 

Answer: The conversion of nine years to "blog years" cannot be performed on a regular calculator. You'll need a Big Number Scientific Calculator that provides precision up to 1 million digits. Without getting too technical, however, suffice it to say that nine years is roughly one bazillion blog years. (LawSites, Nine Years of Blogging Here at LawSites)

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