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A Big Thumbs Up for Nathaniel Burney's 'The Criminal Lawyer's Guide to Criminal Law'

When a renowned curmudgeon writes that something posted online "may well prove to be the most exceptional thing ever created in the blawgosphere, and the one thing that will outlast all of us," it is Legal Blog Watch policy to invest a mouse click to see what's going on.

That was the review Scott Greenfield gave earlier this week to Nathaniel Burney's new ongoing project called "The Criminal Lawyer's Guide to Criminal Law." Having now read all five parts of the series that Burney has posted so far, I'd like to join Greenfield and the many others who have praised Burney for his elegant and extremely creative guide to some fundamental criminal law concepts. 

The Guide explains in simple terms the rationale behind core concepts such as Punishment, Rehabilitation, Deterrence and Retribution. The explanations seem to be thoughtful and accurate, but what is most striking about the Guide is the beauty and impact of the illustrations and the text. The text is presented in an elegant style that, if it isn't already sold as its own font (the "Burney Font"?), ought to be. And each part of the series is accompanied by numerous illustrations that are expertly drawn and quite effective in helping to make the author's point. Here is a sample:


Bottom line: I hope Nathaniel Burney is a fantastic lawyer because otherwise he may have missed his calling as an author and illustrator. Bravo!

Posted by Bruce Carton on December 20, 2011 at 12:51 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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