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'Sexpionage' a Growing Danger for Business Travelers in China

You are a corporate executive, and you are on business travel in China. And even though you may not be the most handsome guy, the Chinese women are loving you! Suddenly one or more of them are proposing a beautiful-girl party in your hotel room, and who are you to argue? As Ashton Kutcher says wishfully in the clip from "What Happens in Vegas," below, this kind of awesome thing happens sometimes ... right?

But as Rob Corddry's character replies in the clip above, "No, it doesn't happen!!!" It's a trap!

According to Brian McAdam, a former Canadian diplomat who now specializes in Chinese organized crime, spies in places like China and Russia are now engaged in a "co-mingling of the oldest profession, and the second oldest profession: prostitution and espionage." Or, as McAdam puts it, "sexpionage."

The Vancouver Sun reports that according to McAdam, business people and government officials who frequently travel abroad are prime targets for sexpionage. Spies from the Chinese government will hire a prostitute to "lure unwary Westerners in 'honey pot traps,'" he says, and the escapades in the hotel are then secretly captured on tape. McAdam says that "virtually all" hotels in China are rigged with hidden microphones and video cameras, USA Today reports. The tape is then used to blackmail the victim for information. "If you're not tall, dark and handsome, and some beautiful woman starts flirting with you, maybe there's something going on," he says.

McAdam says he himself has been targeted several times, including once in Hong Kong when he was having drinks with some Hong Kong colleagues. He says that three beautiful Chinese women suddenly showed up and began flirting with him, and that his host then "invited him to take the women -- all three -- back to a karaoke room which had privacy -- and a bed." McAdam says he quickly recognized what was going on, and "stood up, thanked his colleagues for 'an interesting evening' and high-tailed it out of there."

Posted by Bruce Carton on December 2, 2011 at 01:45 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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