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Short Fuse at Anger Management Class Leads to Stabbing, Part II

In Short Fuse at Anger Management Class Leads to Stabbing Part I, I told you the story of one Faribah Maradiaga, who arrived late to her anger management class while a "Dr. Phil" DVD on managing anger was being shown, and promptly began complaining about the video and disrupting the class. When another attendee told Maradiaga that "the video was good and to give it a chance," Maradiaga stood up, started talking "trash" to the soon-to-be victim, pulled out a paring knife with a 3-inch blade and stabbed the woman several times in the arm and shoulder (see photo below) She also threatened to kill the victim's family.


A year later, it turns out the victim of this criminal bit of irony is not quite ready to move on. KING 5 News in Seattle reports (via a tip from Seattleite @VBalasubramani) that Luna Oraivej, the woman who was stabbed in the arm, has filed a lawsuit against Court Services Institute, the private, for-profit company that ran the ill-fated anger management class, as well as the course instructor. The KING 5 report offers a host of additional tidbits about the whole mess that bear repeating here:

  • The offense that ultimately required Oraivej to take the anger management course to avoid criminal charges was a domestic argument in which she broke a DVD player in her own home. Police arrested her for this and sent her off to the city jail. "I was being honest with police," Oraivej said. "I said 'Yes, I stepped on it,' but nobody touched each other, there was no physical violence." She added that when the officer "told me I had to go to jail for that, it really took me by surprise."

    Well, I guess so!! In Seattle they throw you in jail for breaking a DVD player during an argument in your own house?
  • After Oraivej was stabbed with the paring knife and dialed 911 on her cell phone "with blood streaming down my arm, dripping on the floor" the instructor told her she was required to stay and finish the class. "I just have a few more things to cover with you and then you can go," he said. After class ended, Oraivej drove herself to the emergency room to get her shoulder stitched up.
  • County prosecutors charged Maradiaga with assault on Oraivej but she never showed up for court, and there is now a felony warrant out for her arrest.
  • Oraivej says the class taught her one thing: "Up until this point, I really didn't know what the word 'ironic' meant. Now I know."

As for the lawsuit, Oraivej's lawyer argues that "there's really no excuse for someone being stabbed in an anger management class. It clearly didn't come out of nowhere." A representative from Court Services Institute told KING 5 News that the stabbing was the first in ten years of running the program, and was an "isolated case." Oraivej's lawsuit demands a refund for the $180 course, as well as monetary damages for her injuries and emotional distress. 

I don't know whether Oraivej should or will prevail in her lawsuit against Court Services Institute, but I feel strongly that if you are stabbed at your anger management class that you deserve a refund!

Posted by Bruce Carton on December 6, 2011 at 02:44 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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