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Things You Can't Do on a Plane: Vol. 9

You might think that after Volume 1Volume 2Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5Volume 6Volume 7, and Volume 8 of Things You Can't Do on a Plane, that we'd have exhausted the list of things you can't do on a plane. Nope! The list grows daily.

Here are three more things I've recently learned that you cannot do on a plane:

  • Continue to play "Words with Friends" on your smartphone after the pilot orders passengers to turn off all electronic devices. Passengers may not ignore the captain's order to turn off electronic devices for takeoff. This is true even if the passenger is engaged in a game of "Words with Friends" and even if the passenger is a TV and movie starCONSEQUENCE: Plane will return to gate, passenger will be kicked off flight. 
  • Board flight wasted with a friend, argue loudly with friend, fight the flight attendants and then chew through plastic handcuff restraints. Passengers who are so belligerent and rowdy that they must be subdued using plastic restraints as handcuffs and adhesive tape may not simply chew through the plastic and begin carrying on again. CONSEQUENCE: Such passengers will apprehended by a collection of cabin staff and passengers, entire plane will be placed in lockdown and pilot will divert plane to next available landing spot. Passengers may be charged with crime of "mischief" and ordered to pay restitution.
  • Attempt to carry on board a purse with a small western gun design on the front. Passengers with a flair for Western fashion may not carry on purses with a small handgun design on the front, even if the design is just a few inches long. CONSEQUENCE: Passenger will not be allowed to pass through security with such a purse. 

Posted by Bruce Carton on December 15, 2011 at 04:40 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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