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The Official TV Show of the Happysphere: 'You Can Do Anything!'

Last year, Mark Bennett offered a brief reminder that his Defending People blog was "Not The Happysphere":

If you are a blogging lawyer, and you want to be read by other bloggers, know that being read by other bloggers includes being taken to task publicly when you write something dumb or silly or ill-considered or even just vapid.

Others reinforced that point. Scott Greenfield wrote on Simple Justice that new bloggers looking to him to provide them with undeserved attention and recognition have 

come to the wrong place. I'm not your Daddy. I'm not here to support your marketing effort or overlook some insipid position, offered for self-aggrandizement at the expense of accuracy. ... You come begging for attention, and then explode when it doesn't coordinate with your self-promotional efforts?  Who the hell promised you that the blawgosphere was here to help you get business? ... You want the respect of your peers? Earn it, just like everyone else. 

Brian Tannebaum subsequently observed on My Law License that the Happysphere is populated not only by bloggers, but by other "social media rock stars" who

have no jobs, no income, huge debt, and nothing more than a web presence and a following on twitter. You would never know that, because that's all hidden, no one asks hard questions (especially when faced with the promise of wealth and fame by someone who has neither), and it's a negative discussion which is prohibited by the happysphere on the internet who only respond to congratulations, thank yous and "you're so awesome" type compliments.

All of this raises the question: If members of the Happysphere are being called out -- or at least tuned out -- by the blawgosphere, where can they turn for the recognition and positive feedback that fuels their personal stars? Fortunately, that question was answered last week when Saturday Night Live unveiled its new TV show, "You Can Do Anything!" It is not expressly directed at law bloggers, but check it out below and see if you can watch it without immediately thinking about the Happysphere (via PrawfsBlawg).

Posted by Bruce Carton on January 18, 2012 at 04:24 PM | Permalink | Comments (4)


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