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Mark Bennett of 'Defending People' Running for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals

Mark Bennett, a Houston criminal defense lawyer who is also the author of the Defending People blog (not to mention one of the Three Angry Lawyers), announced Sunday night on his blog that he will be running for a judge position on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The announcement was so momentous that it prompted Scott Greenfield to start posting again at his "Simple Justice" blog, which he had shuttered back on February 13.**

Bennett explains that he will be running on the Libertarian ticket. He writes that in his view, traditional conservatives "favor less federal government, as though state governments are benign." Bennett says that "for anyone who might not share the political views of the majority, the opposite is true: the nearer government is to us, the more it can intrude in our lives and interfere with our liberty." Bennett adds that "[l]ibertarianism has to start at home and grow from there. That, friends, is why I’m running for office."

Best of luck to Mark Bennett in his run for a spot on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals!

** Going forward I believe the importance of any single event should be evaluated by whether or not it prompts Scott Greenfield to re-open Simple Justice for a post, i.e., does the event meet "The Greenfield Test."

Posted by Bruce Carton on March 5, 2012 at 05:16 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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