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Saturday Night Not-So-Special: Sorry About Shooting You in the Leg

Saturday was a bad day for certain husbands and boyfriends who had misadventures with firearms, and an even worse one for their wives and girlfriends who were accidentally shot in the leg by the men in their lives.

To recap:

1. In a story that for some reason reminds me of "Short Fuse at Anger Management Class Leads to Stabbing," a husband and wife from Virginia who were attending a firearms safety course both ended up in the hospital when things went "awry." The Roanoke Times reports that while the firearms safety instructor was briefly out of the room, the husband managed to shoot himself "in the hand with a .45-caliber handgun and the bullet passed through his hand and struck his wife, seated nearby, in the leg." The husband called the shooting a "stupid accident."

2. Later on Saturday, a man and his girlfriend were camping out and hog hunting in Florida. The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that the boyfriend saw a hog and fired at it, but couldn't find the animal. He left the tent to search for the hog, and heard a noise in the woods. Thinking it was the hog, he again fired at the animal, which turned out to be his girlfriend who had left the tent. The girlfriend "was struck with a .30 caliber bullet that traveled through both of her legs."

Posted by Bruce Carton on April 24, 2012 at 04:21 PM | Permalink | Comments (3)


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