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Wednesday's Three Burning Legal Questions

Here are today's three burning legal questions, along with the answers provided by the blogosphere.

1) Question: There is something very odd about this park in the Shorecrest neighborhood of Miami that is creeping me out. About two dozen men are here, camped out for the night. What is this, Occupy Miami?

Answer: No, it sounds like you may have stumbled upon the park recently created in Shorecrest for sex offenders to hang out in. (CBS Miami, Park Created To Keep Sex Offenders Away) (via The Consumerist)

2) Question: What a great deal! I just scored copies of bestsellers like "I am the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "Thirty-Five Shades of Grey" at ridiculously low prices on Amazon. Are these bootleg copies or something?  

Answer: No, the books are real. But check your titles to make sure you're getting what you think you are getting. (FortuneAmazon's knock-off problem (35 Shades of Grey, anyone?))

3) Question: I am a police officer. We were called to the scene of an elementary school because a 6-year-old was having a tantrum. The girl resisted when we tried to calm her down, and we charged her with simple assault and damage to property. Our policy states that any detainee transported to our station in a patrol vehicle is to be handcuffed in the back and there is no age discrimination on that rule. Break out the handcuffs for this little girl, right?

Answer: That seems a bit over the top, but you would not be the first police force to handcuff a 6-year-old. (The Associated Press, Police handcuff Ga. kindergartner for tantrum)

Posted by Bruce Carton on April 18, 2012 at 04:21 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)


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