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Lawyer-Musicians Square Off in ABA's 'Battle of the Lawyer Bands'

Back in December 2010 I learned about the Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic, a philharmonic orchestra made up solely of lawyers. My immediate question was ... why? Wouldn't limiting the pool of orchestra members to one relatively small profession lead to a weaker orchestra, I asked in this post.

That led to a number of comments to the post in which members of the LALP and others explained that although the concept does not really make sense if one's sole purpose is love of music, LALP goes well beyond that because it allows its members to "use the orchestra as a forum to socialize with persons with a common background." LALP is kind of like a lawyer softball team in that regard, one commenter explained. Another LALP participant noted that the legal theme also helps them get gigs. LALP is frequently invited to bar functions, whereas most community orchestras don't usually get invited to play anywhere.

Today I learned (via the ABA Journal) one more reason to have an all-lawyer band: It allows you to participate in things like the ABA's Battle of the Lawyer Bands Contest to be held at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Chicago. On the ABA website now, you can listen to videos of the five finalists and vote for your favorite. The three top vote-getters will then be invited to play at the President's Reception at the Art Institute of Chicago on Saturday, August 4, and also receive a cash prize of up to $5000 for the winning band.

You can check out the lawyer bands, all of which sound pretty good in the videos, and cast your vote here. I am personally giving extra credit to the band "Treble Damage" for having the most law-related name of all the bands.

Posted by Bruce Carton on May 1, 2012 at 04:16 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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