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Friday's Three Burning Legal Questions

Here are today's three burning legal questions, along with the answers provided by the blogosphere.

1) Question: I don't care what anyone says, mermaids are real!! I will believe this until the federal government makes an official statement to the contrary.

Answer: Looks like today is the day! (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found)

2) Question: I'm a lifeguard and I just saved a man from drowning in an area of the ocean just south of my assigned area. Do you think I'll receive a commendation from the city or something?

Answer: You'll probably be fired, actually. (The StarLifeguard fired after rescuing drowning man outside Florida beach zone)

3) Question: I just bought an enema from the drugstore and I must say it looks, um, a bit "used." How is this possible?

Answer: Sometimes people are arrested for buying enema packages, using them, and then returning them with re-sealed packaging to make the products appear unopened. (WOKV, Man returns used enemas to Jacksonville CVS store)

Posted by Bruce Carton on July 6, 2012 at 04:19 PM | Permalink | Comments (2)


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