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Lawyer Files Extraordinary Amicus Brief in Form of a Comic Strip

Today I discovered (via the Legal Writing Prof Blog, yet again) an extraordinary amicus curiae brief filed in an antitrust case involving Apple e-books. Usually, of course, you will not find me reading amicus curiae briefs on any topic, and most certainly not on antitrust. However, I eagerly read this brief, filed by California lawyer Bob Kohn, because, well, it was written as a comic strip

The brief (available here) starts out looking like every other brief filed in the Southern District of New York, with a standard caption and a Table of Authorities with citations and such. But then, as you turn to page three ... a comic strip about antitrust law begins. That sounds odd but if you are trying to get a court to actually read an amicus brief, why not? In five pages of drawings, Kohn delivers a short and sweet argument on why the court should not hold a particular settlement to be in the public interest. 

The artwork is attributed to a cartoonist named Julia Alekseyeva. The Media Decoder blog reports that Kohn found Alekseyeva through his daughter, a graduate student at Harvard who connected him with her fellow student, Alekseyeva. Kohn wrote the script and Alekseyeva drew the illustrations for the strip, which distills a 55-page brief that Kohn had previously prepared down to five pages.

Posted by Bruce Carton on September 5, 2012 at 03:21 PM | Permalink | Comments (3)


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