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Friday's Three Burning Legal Questions

Here are today's three burning legal questions, along with the answers provided by the blogosphere.

1. Question: I'm an assistant manager at a Family Dollar Store, and I have a great idea for a prank on my annoying co-worker. I'll just put a bunch of laxative tablets into a couple of bottles of Coke, then glue the caps back on and put them in the employee refrigerator for him to find. He's always stealing food from there. Classic, right?

Answer: You'd better make sure that he doesn't get wise to your plan and put those Cokes back on the shelf. The customer who buys them certainly won't be amused, and offering her a $200 gift card for her trouble probably won't cut it. (The Kansas City Star, Lawsuit: Employee rift led to KC store selling laxative-tainted Coke)

2. Question: I, for one, am not at all tired of this "binders full of women" meme! Do you have any advice about how to create a binder full of women lawyers?

Answer: Sure! Head on over to Cravath's website, which has a handy "Add to Binder" button on its attorney profile pages. (Above The Law, A Biglaw Binder Full of Women?)

3. Question: An undercover cop testified against my friend, and I want revenge. How should I get back at this guy?

Answer: Well, you probably shouldn't latch onto a picture of him from Facebook, post it on your own Facebook page and identify him as an undercover cop. That could get you charged with retaliation. And some advice for undercover cops: Check those privacy settings. (The Dallas Morning News, Mesquite woman arrested after posting undercover cop's photo on Facebook)

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