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LBW Brain-Teaser of the Day: Two Drunk Driving Arrests at Same Exact Time?

Here is your LBW brain-teaser of the day:

Question: On November 4, 2012, a man was arrested for two separate drunk driving incidents at two completely different locations, by the same officer. Both incidents occurred at 1:08 a.m. The man did not have a time machine -- how did this happen?

... waiting for your head to explode ...

Answer: (scroll down)


The incidents occurred exactly one hour apart, on the day that daylight saving time kicked in and we turned the clocks back.

According to The Smoking Gun, at 1:08 a.m. on November 4, Niles Gammons was pulled over by Urbana, Ill., police officer Dave Reese for driving the wrong way in an alley. A Breathalyzer test measured Reese's blood alcohol content at .116, and he was charged with drunk driving. Gammons was released from police headquarters after an adult arrived to pick him up.

As Reese later wrote, "At 2:00 AM, the time changed from daylight savings time to standard time and 2:00 AM became 1:00 AM." Eight minutes later, at 1:08 a.m., Reese says a vehicle "backed out of a spot rapidly and nearly collided with my cruiser." The vehicle was driven by none other than Gammons, who told Reese that the "friend that picked him up dropped him off and refused to take him home." Gammons said that he then decided to drive because was "afraid of getting arrested for public intoxication."

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