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Wednesday's Three Burning Legal Questions

Here are today's three burning legal questions, along with the answers provided by the blogosphere.

1. Question: I am a lawyer. A bartender and a bouncer from a bar I was in have falsely accused me of stealing $6.95 worth of chicken wings. Can I sue them for slander?

Answer: No, chicken wing theft is not a serious enough crime for the tort of slander. (New York Law JournalAttorney Accused of Stealing Chicken Wings Loses Bid to Sue Bar)

2. Question: I routinely drive on the sidewalk to avoid stopped school buses. I was finally caught doing this and the judge is saying that in addition to having my license suspended for 30 days and having to pay $250 in court costs, I must stand at an intersection wearing a sign for two days saying: "Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus." That's harsh! Can the judge do this?

Answer: Yep! (Jonathan Turley, Cleveland Judge Orders Woman To Wear Sign Calling Herself An "Idiot" In Latest Shaming Punishment)

3. Question: Oh yes! My state of Colorado has legalized marijuana. W00t!!! Is it time for me to break out the Cheetos and Goldfish, if you know what I'm saying?

Answer: As Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper stated on election night, "federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug so don't break out the Cheetos or gold fish too quickly." (WaPo Election 2012 Blog, Hickenlooper on Colorado pot vote: 'Don't break out the Cheetos')

Posted by Bruce Carton on November 7, 2012 at 04:03 PM | Permalink | Comments (3)


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