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'Parking Douche', Vol. 2: Self-Help Edition

In the quickly growing field of citizens ratting out and trying to shame their neighbors for their crappy and illegal parking, I now see (via commenter Creightonclark78 here) that yet another option exists beyond going to the police or going to the local newspaper:

"I Park Like a D-Bag" bumper magnets!


Yes, for those who do not want to mess with a "parking deputy app" or who are simply more into self-help, the website sells these magnets. The site explains that, "we feel that in this crazy, crazy world, we have done something to fix the little selfish actions that are such a nuisance." It suggests that people who spot "douchebaggery" in the parking world should tag the offending car with a magnet, and also take a picture and post it to the site.

For those who get tagged for their inadequate parking, the website recommends viewing it as a "badge of honor to even get tagged, so quit your whining and welcome and pay it forward with the next D-Bag."

There are not many photos on the site, but there is one amusing trend in the world of shaming bad parkers that may cause you to bring a piece of chalk with you when you head out to work or to the mall today:


Posted by Bruce Carton on December 3, 2012 at 04:16 PM | Permalink | Comments (6)


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