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Who is the Legal Profession's Equivalent of 'Florida Man'?

By now, many of you who are on Twitter have come across the Twitter feed for Florida Man, which provides "real-life headlines about the world's worst superhero." Basically, anything of an insane or inane nature that can be done in this country is being done by Florida Man.  

For example, who was "Charged With Neglect After Trying To Transport Infant And 4-Foot-Tall Marijuana Plant In The Same Car?" Florida Man

Who was "Charged With Battery After Argument Over Ball Scratching?" Florida Man

Who was the reason for a "Woman Injured After Bullet Left Inside Oven?" Florida Man

And do I even need to ask, who "Blamed 7-Eleven Robbery On Lack Of Sex?" You know it was Florida Man.

The Florida Man Twitter feed cleverly captures all of Florida Man's misdeeds in one convenient place (check them all out here). I am now wondering ... what/who is the legal profession's equivalent of Florida Man? The best I can come up with so far is Disgruntled Lawyer, who, while not as prolific as Florida Man, has been wreaking some havoc of his own:

Can anyone come up with a better legal profession equivalent to Florida Man? Let me know.

Posted by Bruce Carton on February 20, 2013 at 04:12 PM | Permalink | Comments (1)


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