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Thanks to Some of My Favorite Legal Bloggers

With just two days left in my time here at LBW, I want to seize the opportunity today to say thank you and "until we meet again" to some of my favorite legal bloggers. Here are just a few of the many lawyers and writers who have made my time writing for LBW enjoyable. In no particular order:

  • Kevin Underhill, a partner in the law firm Shook, Hardy & Bacon and author of Lowering the Bar. Kevin, didn't anyone tell you that big firm lawyers are not supposed to have a sense of humor? Lowering the Bar unquestionably made me laugh more than any other law blog out there. I have many favorite LTB posts, but the one that comes to mind right now is "Man Who Stabbed His First Two Lawyers With a Pencil Stabs Another Lawyer With a Pencil."
  • Scott Greenfield, criminal defense lawyer and author of Simple Justice. Scott, I already said goodbye to you once when you head-faked the Internet into thinking you'd retired from blogging. One goodbye per person, sorry.
  • Elie Mystal, editor, Above the Law: It is not easy to find something interesting or funny to blog about every day. I know that. Elie finds a way to do it consistently, including one of my more recent favorites, "Wearing A Class Ring From Your Law School Is An Expensive Way To Advertise That You Are A Loser Who Has No Friends."
  • Venkat Balasubramani, co-founder of Focal PLLC and author of Spam Notes and Focalize. I appreciate Venkat's powers of observation. He is able to connect the dots quickly, such as when he astutely noted an unfortunate trend in 2010, when bloggers were increasingly associating "two totally random things that have no connection at all, and asking what one can teach the other (or what one can learn from the other)." This led to Venkat's post entitled, "What Tibetan Goatherders Can Teach us About Lawyering."
  • Ken from Popehat: Kicking ass and taking names on since 2007. Admired for his work in killing off Lawspammers and promoting the use of ponies as a form of currency.
  • Jonathan Turley, professor of law at The George Washington University Law School and author of the Jonathan Turley blog. Nobody is better than Prof. Turley at identifying and highlighting the most interesting legal stories of the day.
  • Kevin O'Keefe, CEO of Lexblog and author of Real Lawyers Have Blogs: He won't remember this, but I first spoke with Kevin about legal blogging in 2004. Nearly 10 years later, Kevin continues to be the leader in bringing lawyers and law firms to the blogosphere, collaborating with everyone from Robert Scoble to the already thanked Scott Greenfield to get his message out.
  • Many, many others who have made the LBW writing gig enjoyable and whose names I will surely remember too late to add to this post.

Thanks to all of you, and please keep doing what you're doing!

Posted by Bruce Carton on March 28, 2013 at 03:28 PM | Permalink | Comments (7)


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