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My Last Day: Logging Out of Legal Blog Watch

In the movie Cocktail, bartender Brian Flanagan (played by Tom Cruise) says that, "All things end badly. Otherwise they wouldn't end!" That is often the case, but does it have to be?

In an effort to be an exception to the Flanagan Principle, today is my last day as the voice of Legal Blog Watch. I have been writing here at LBW since September 2009, and I have really enjoyed my time spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of legal blogs and information you deserve. After three-and-a-half years on this beat, however, I feel like it is a good time for me to declare victory and move on.

As my esteemed LBW predecessor, Carolyn Elefant, explained in her own September 2009 "farewell" post (also after a three-and-a-half year stint at LBW), blogging every day can cause you to simply "run out of steam." I'm not out of steam yet, but I definitely feel my internal steam pressure declining. 

Could I write Things You Can't Do on A Plane, Volume 31? Could Judge Carton return to the bench to rule on the inanities that will surely arise next week? Could I find three more Burning Legal Questions for today and tomorrow and the day after that? Yes, yes, and hell yes, but I think that is the wrong path to take here. Taking a look back on the many, many posts I've cranked out here at LBW since 2009, I'm pleased with the creativity I've been able to bring to this publication. In short, I'm proud of the work I've done here and I want to go out feeling that way.

Thank you again to the terrific editors who have been associated with LBW during my time here: John Bringardner, Paula Martersteck and Laurel Newby. You have all been an absolute pleasure to work with! Thanks also to Bob Ambrogi and Eric Lipman, who were my co-authors along the way. And, finally, thanks to all of you for reading LBW these past few years. I have really enjoyed my time here and I now look forward to being a Legal Blog Watch reader in the years to come. 

Posted by Bruce Carton on March 29, 2013 at 01:59 PM | Permalink | Comments (11)


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